CHCM Values

Our core values are visible in all of our relationships within our company, with our clients, and with all those we are privileged to serve:

Sacred Trust

We are proponents of caring and healing health care environments in which humane, compassionate, and competent care is at the heart of every action with every person, every time. We are what we teach. This fundamental, sacred trust is the purpose of our work.

Caring and Healing Relationships

Caring relationships are the core of our work. We believe that caring is a conscious, intentional decision to interact with others with compassion, mutual respect, and open and honest communication. Caring actively promotes meaningful connections between human beings and is built on the knowing that we’re all in this together. Such connection facilitates healing and prevents isolation.

The work of our company is to teach people to remember these principles and to support their implementation in complex systems that might unintentionally discourage caring and allow isolation. In the process, both the people and the organizations in which we all find ourselves are transformed.

Empowerment and Innovation

We believe that empowerment is the foundation of caring and healing environments. In an empowered organization there is clarity of vision, shared purpose, decentralized decision-making, individuals accept responsibility for their own behaviors and individual contributions are recognized and affirmed. Empowerment facilitates innovative change through continuous learning, creativity and collaboration.

Integrity and Excellence

Integrity comes from the intentional internalizing of a set of values and principles and a conscious, intentional decision to make our actions congruent with these values and principles. Integrity is alive in our strategic decisions, our individual and collective performance, and our daily actions. Consistently living in integrity results in excellent service.

Abundance and Grace

Abundance is a conscious, intentional decision to behave with the belief that there is always enough for all of us to spare, share, and thrive. The work of our company include being generous in our provision of services, in our sharing of what we know, and in our encouragement and recognition of others’ contributions. In this spirit, we recognize and safeguard the value and worth of our expertise and service. We are committed to maintaining a thriving business. We demonstrate stewardship with the resources of our clients and our company.

Grace is demonstrated when one person of abundance gives more than he is sure he has, and thankfully accepts the gifts of others. Grace is meeting others where they are and accepting them without judgment.

Health and Well-Being

We encourage and support each other and our clients to thrive by actively practicing self-care and by actively balancing our personal and professional lives. As with all of our values, we must “walk our talk.” Therefore, as a company we commit to the active cultivation of health and well-being in ourselves, in each other, and in our clients.