Our Affiliations

Creative Health Care Management partners with leading organizations with shared values and complementary services when the need arises to provide turnkey service from start to finish. For more information about the vital services provided by our strategic alliance partners or for information on becoming a partner, call CHCM at 1.800.728.7766. Current partners include:


The DAISY Award-Partner-Logo-OL DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The Foundation was formed in November, 1999, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Patrick was a wonderful person. As his family brainstormed what to do in Pat’s memory, the one really positive thing they could hold onto from the experience of his eight-week hospitalization was the skillful and amazingly compassionate care he received from his nurses – even when he was totally sedated. When Pat died, his family felt compelled to express their profound gratitude to nurses for the work they do for patients and their families every day. This is the primary mission of The DAISY Foundation. The Daisy Foundation says thank you to nurses in three ways:

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For over sixty years, Springer Publishing Company has been serving the health care and medical industries in both the professional and educational fields. Our books and journals provide vital information for practitioners, students, academics, and researchers in nursing, psychology, gerontology, social work, counseling, public health, and medical education. To get the latest information on our books, journals, and authors, visit us at www.springerpub.com, follow us on Twitter @SpringerPub, and “like” us on Facebook.

Centre for the Development of Healthcare Policy and Practice

With a reputation for excellence throughout the UK, Ireland, and the U.S., the Centre for the Development of Healthcare Policy and Practice supports individuals, teams, and organizations to meet the challenges and make the breakthroughs necessary to deliver a high quality service. In November, 2005, CDHPP celebrated 100,000 participants taking part in their Leading Empowered Organizations program.

Halogen Software

Halogen Software provides award winning talent management solutions that address the needs of health care organizations. Exclusively endorsed by the AHA, Halogen eAppraisal™ Healthcare helps automate, simplify, and integrate the performance appraisal and competency assessment processes, build targeted development plans, clarify job descriptions, and more. Over 700 health care facilities already benefit from Halogen Software’s talent management solutions.

Healthcare Environment, Inc.

Healthcare Environment, Inc. is a company owned and operated by nurses who have developed unique research methods to define the work environment of the staff nurse at both the aggregate and unit levels. Validity, reliability, presentation of the data, and on-line support facilitate judgment and decision-making for those who are striving to improve the work environment of the staff nurse. John W. Nelson, PhD, MS, RN is Healthcare Environment’s President.


HealthStream’s innovative learning solutions are supporting health care organizations’ mission-critical training and business objectives including a safer organization for patient care through regulatory training, workforce development for hospital staff, and facilitating rapid adoption of new technologies for better patient outcomes.


HeartMath LLC is dedicated to improving health, performance, and well-being at home and in the workplace. HeartMath provides products and services that enable people to transform stress, better regulate emotional responses, and harness the power of heart/brain communication. Through their training programs, coaching, publications, licensing programs, and innovative technology they provide practical, scientifically validated methods that enable people to live more rewarding, healthy, and productive lives both personally and professionally.

The Katharine J. Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership

The Densford Center seeks to improve health and health care worldwide through the education, collaboration, and promotion of nurses as strong leaders and effective partners. As both a think tank and action center, we foster nursing leadership and promote the nursing profession through a variety of programs, services, and forums.

Marcus Engel

As a professional speaker and author, Marcus Engel provides insight and strategies for compassionate, high-quality patient care. Blinded and traumatically injured by a drunk driver, Engel’s experiences at the other end of the stethoscope offer practical tips for health care professionals as well as honoring the commitment made every day to the profession.

Management Research Group

Management Research Group is an international firm that specializes in assessment-based human resource development. They are a leader in creating high-quality assessment tools for selection and development in the areas of leadership, management, career development, personal growth, and sales force effectiveness.


Sodexo Health Care Services provides essential food and facilities services to hospitals across the country. Sodexo implements programs, systems, and procedures that allow hospital staff to stay focused on the well-being of patients. Sodexo also supports doctors, nurses, and non-clinical staff to enhance the healing process.

The Caring Model®, L.L.C

The Caring Model® (TCM) five caring behaviors improve patient, family and caregiver satisfaction and engagement in the quality of care delivered. Patient and family satisfaction is an established outcome indicator of quality care. Caring is a driving force for patient satisfaction experienced through a respectful interaction with a nurse and other caregivers. Patient and family loyalty and perspectives of their satisfaction now impact healthcare organizations’ financial reimbursements. Caring and compassion is now viewed formally as indicators of care performance by nurses and an interdisciplinary team of caregiver  to capture efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve the quality of patient outcomes. Nurse caring enhancements within TCM’s new four teaching modules provide all caregivers an opportunity to discuss their pre and post perceptions of caring and implement caring behaviors to sustain the “human experience in care delivery” regardless the setting in which care is delivered. For more information about The Caring Model®, L.L.C., please contact Dr. Sharon K. Dingman by visiting TCM website at:  www.TheCaringModel.com.

University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing is a national leader in integrative medicine. The Center provides interdisciplinary education, outreach, and patient services and integrates evidence-based research in order to renew, enhance, and transform health care practice, health sciences education, and patient care.

Visioning HealthCare

The mission of Visioning HealthCare is to work with healthcare facilities to create a culture of safety for both staff and patients. This is achieved through the creation of innovative educational programs that equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge required to navigate today’s ever-changing healthcare agenda, the guidance of expert consultants who bring a local and international perspective, and the drive from motivated clients seeking to deliver high quality, safe, outcomes-based care using approaches that embrace the diversity of their workforce and customer base.

Watson Caring Science Institute

Caring science encompasses a humanitarian, human science orientation to human caring processes, phenomena, and experiences. Caring science includes arts and humanities as well as science. Caring science investigations embrace inquiries that are reflective, subjective, and interpretative as well as objective-empirical.