Meet CHCM’s Adjunct Faculty

michael troutMichael Trout, MA, BA

Michael partners with Mary Koloroutis, CHCM Vice President and consultant, to teach See Me as a Person: Four Practices to Improve Quality, Safety, and the Patient Experience, a workshop focused on cultivating emotional safety for patients and their families which facilitates the patient’s capacity to heal. This workshop, created for clinicians in all disciplines, deepens understanding about how to create and nurture authentic relationships with patients and their families, even in the context of a highly technical, fast-paced, time-constrained, and frequently chaotic health care environment.      Learn more about Michael. | Email

shirley ruchShirley Ruch, MEd, RN, C-LNC

Among her colleagues, Shirley is consistently described as wise. They gush over her knowledge and more than 45 years of experience, noting that “there’s not too much that’s brand-new to her.” And yet she’ll tell you herself that there are plenty of things she doesn’t know, and she makes a point of never pretending to know what she doesn’t. She combines that humility with the authenticity that comes from having worked—digging in, up-to-her-elbows worked—in a wide variety of health care organizations all over the world. Together those qualities help her make meaningful, lasting connections with everyone at an organization, from the CEO to the medical staff to the managers and front-line staff. “You have to resonate with people if you’re going to help guide them through major events like redesigning roles and processes, remodeling care delivery systems, focusing on collaborative practice, improving teamwork, and driving cultural change,” says Shirley.  Learn more about Shirley.

Mourine Evans narrowerMourine Evans, MS, BSN, RN

“Health care,” says Mourine, “has to be different than it’s been in the past.” Mourine intends to help lead that necessary transformation. Mourine is particularly focused on inspiring caregivers to reach higher levels of achievement through—well, not so much education, but learning. “The ultimate outcome is the learning,” she says. She imparts this learning by teaching people tangible, practical skills, and her uncanny ability to be simultaneously brilliant and simple ensures that participants quickly grasp concepts and immediately apply them to their work.  Learn more about Mourine Evans.

Marty Heldorfer narrowerMartin C. Helldorfer

Dr. Helldorfer brings a unique set of competencies and experiences to his work with Creative Health Care Management. He is a psychologist with decades of experience as a consultant and psychotherapist. For twelve years he served as a senior vice president of HR and Mission within regional and national health care systems. Having been a monk for thirty years, he is particularly sensitive to the role that spirituality plays in our work as providers of care.

Marty co-facilitates two of CHCM’s programs: Reigniting the Spirit of Caring and The Therapeutic Relationship.

Joan Campanaro fullJoan Campanaro, BSN, MSN, MS

Joan joined CHCM as an adjunct faculty member in 2008.  She is currently facilitating the Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO) course which she believes is an outstanding program for all levels of management and an extremely effective tool for nurturing the leader in every individual.  Prior to joining CHCM, Joan was a career Army Nurse serving 30 years on active duty.  She brings with her a wealth of experience in leadership within the health care environment serving in positions of middle management, director, Chief Nursing Officer, and the military equivalent of CEO.  Her passion lies in the realm of group and interpersonal dynamics, workplace behaviors, leadership development, and coaching of health care executives.  Learn more about Joan.

Cathy Abrams narrowerCatherine H. Abrams, RNCC, BSN, MS

Cathy Abrams has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for St. Mary’s Health Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.  St. Mary’s, part of the SSM system in St. Louis, is a 167 bed regional medical center serving all of central Missouri, and is currently ranked number one in the state for performance in all core measures, is in the top decile nationally and was recently recognized by the Commonwealth Fund with a case study chronicling the quality journey of the past two years.  They also ranked St. Mary’s as number 10 out of 4400 facilities across the nation.  Learn more about Catherine.

Jim Linder narrowerJim Linder, MS

Jim brings warmth, intelligence, and lots of experience to the work he does for Creative Health Care Management. As a facilitator of the Therapeutic Relationship workshops, he creates the space for participants to examine their own practice from the inside-out, often leading to startling insights and deep transformation.

A native of Central Illinois, Jim graduated from the University of Illinois (Bachelor of Science in Education), Bronze Tablet Highest Honors, and also holds an M.S. Ed degree from UIUC.  Learn more about Jim.

colleen-personColleen Person, MA, BSN

Throughout her career, Colleen has been motivated by a passion and commitment to individualized patient care and the professional practice needed to achieve it. Whether in health care organizations as a nurse, manager, case manager, or consultant, or in business as a consultant and executive leader, her passion for practice has served as her inspiration for over forty years.

Colleen’s expert project management skills, coupled with more than 40 years of experience in the health care field, give her insight into helping organizations and groups assess their circumstances and develop strategies to move forward. Colleen draws on this expertise to facilitate groups, helping participants connect with their values, creativity, and compassion. CHCM’s Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring program is a favorite of hers because it directly impacts caregivers, colleagues, and their patients.  Learn more about Colleen Person. | Email

Ruthie Rogers narrowerRuthie Rogers, MS, RN

As a CHCM adjunct faculty member, Ruthie is a Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring (RSC) facilitator and coach. She sees every interaction as an opportunity to demonstrate caring, and that comes through in her work with patients and families as well as with the caregivers she helps educate to serve them better.

Ruthie has over 20 years of nursing experience, serving in many capacities from staff nurse to department director.  She currently serves as the Relationship-Based Care Coordinator for the Cone Health Network, a multi-campus Magnet® designated organization.  Learn more about Ruthie.

Sue Santana narrowerSusan Santana, RN, MBA

Susan joined CHCM as an Adjunct Faculty member in June of 2012. She partners with Gen Guanci in helping organizations to be successful on their Journey to Excellence. Susan brings 30 years of clinical expertise and passion to the nursing profession. She is best known for her love of data and using the knowledge behind the numbers to drive nursing practice. Susan believes in the power of the bedside nurse and knows first-hand that anything is possible once they are empowered to have a voice in their practice.


mary-kreitzer narrowerMary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN

As founder of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer brings more than 15 years of leadership and expertise in the field of complementary therapies and healing practices. Mary Jo has worked with both individuals and institutions on optimal healing environments, complementary therapies and healing practices, healthy work environments, and the design of integrated care systems. In addition, she has extensive experience in nursing leadership and administration.

Mary Jo earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing and her doctoral degree in health services research. She served as Director of Nursing Practice and Research at the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic for ten years. Currently, she is a tenured associate professor in the School of Nursing. She teaches in the graduate minor in complementary therapies and healing practices and is the program lead for the complementary and integrative medicine program within the Lillehei Heart Institute. Mary Jo Kreitzer is the co-author of the 2013 book, Integrative NursingEmail

MichaelHCohen-100x140Michael Henry Cohen, MA

Based in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, Michael H. Cohen is a nationally recognized author, workshop leader, and consultant specializing in leadership and team development, organizational communications, employee relations, conflict management, and customer service. Mike is committed to the belief that employees are responsible for their own intrinsic motivation, work ethic, service orientation, positive attitude, and constructive behaviors. He has developed a reputation for providing practical and motivational presentations, and tailor made consultation services that exceed participants’ expectations.  Learn more about Michael.