Who We Are

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We are Creative Health Care Management (CHCM). We help hospitals and other health care organizations develop their people and redesign their systems to be consistent with their own stated values. When you partner with CHCM, our mission is to bring your vision for world-class patient care to life.

The CHCM Vision

Transforming health care and strengthening results through Relationship-Based Care.

The CHCM Mission

Every patient and family will experience healing and caring as a result of organizational transformation grounded in CHCM’s I2E2 methodology (Inspiration, Infrastructure, Education and Evidence) and focused on the dimensions of the Relationship-Based Care Model. Creative Health Care Management provides consultation, education services, and products to health care executives, leaders, Boards of Trustees, physicians, nurses, clinical professionals, and service support staff, primarily in acute care settings, but also in outpatient, long term care and academic settings  in the United States and around the world.

What We Offer

Creative Health Care Management provides consultation services, learning programs, and products to executives, leaders and all clinical and support staff members in health care organizations and academic settings. CHCM consultants focus on leveraging the power of relationships across organizations to create healing environments where patients and families  truly feel held at the center of caring practice.

The foundation of CHCM’s work is the Relationship-Based Care (RBC) care delivery model. The RBC model provides a conceptual framework with a vision for care and underlying values and principles, a practical infrastructure for putting it into action, the education and leadership necessary to make it happen, and ways to measure evidence of its success. We provide leadership, staff, and team development along with work process improvements consistent with ANCC Magnet® status and Joint Commission standards. Organizations implementing RBC see an increase in patient satisfaction and loyalty, an increase in staff and physician satisfaction, and a more resource conscious and efficient work environment. Cultural transformation is the end result of RBC implementation.

Our History

Marie Manthey, one of the pioneers of Primary Nursing, founded the company now known as Creative Health Care Management in 1979 as a single-person health care consulting service. In 1982, the leadership development program that would become Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO) was created and additional faculty members were brought on to expand the reach of the program. The following years have seen the creation of new programs and services, and the number of LEO program attendees now exceeds 100,000.

From this highly successful consulting business grew other initiatives which continue to grow into additional successes for the company. A small newsletter designed to support the consulting work and to share experiences and knowledge from the field has grown into the quarterly Creative Nursing Journal. As clients requested additional support for the work of transforming nursing departments, video tapes and books were produced, and Creative Health Care Management has now published numerous books in multiple languages. Four of our books, Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice, I2E2: Leading Lasting Change, The Practice of Primary Nursing, and See Me as a Person, have won the American Journal of Nursing book of the year award.

Creative Health Care Management is now an international company, operating throughout the United States and in several countries around the world. We have brought our classic leadership program, Leading an Empowered Organization, to Brazil, China, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, and Switzerland. Leadership at the Point of Care was developed for caregivers in Great Britain and has now spread to the United States and China.