Relationships at the Point of Care (RPC) is a dynamic 1-day seminar for ancillary and support departments. RPC's concepts and skills are designed to strengthen teamwork and collaboration with all colleagues. These skills also improve the experience of patients and families, contributing to their perceptions of the organization.


RPC's content and exercises are targeted for health care support staff and clinical departments and their leaders. It can be used as a stand-alone program or as an adjunct to Relationship-Based Care.

The expected outcomes include:

  • Self-awareness and tools to reduce stress
  • Improved communication and listening
  • Behaviors to strengthen collaboration and respect
  • Tools to handle difficult situations
  • Vital caring behaviors for patients and families
  • Renewed sense of purpose and engagement in serving patients, families, and other departments


  • The content builds by focusing initially on greater self-understanding, which leads to better relationships with colleagues. This allows health care staff to work together in service to others, particularly patients and their loved ones.

point of care diagram

Who should attend

Designed to reach across multiple disciplines, RPC is an eight hour program that can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as an adjunct to Leadership at the Point of Care (LPC).

The content of this program is meaningful for ancillary and support staff, but it is also applicable to all disciplines, regardless of title or preparation.