Organizations are required by Joint Commission to implement a system for ongoing assessment of competencies related to staff job functions. Many organizations have made this process far more cumbersome and time consuming than it needs to be.

Hospitals and organizations need to conduct competency assessments initially for all new employees and then periodically throughout their employment. The ongoing competency assessment needs to reflect quality improvement trends and issues that pertain to your organization.

This does not mean creating lengthy lists of competencies for each job class that need to be checked over and over each year.  No check-list methodology could address your ever-changing needs related to quality improvement.  Learn a better approach to competency assessment that will not only meet the Joint Commission standards while promoting accountability and clarity, but is also time efficient and achieves results.

Donna Wright, Creative Health Care Management consultant, explains the three core elements for successful Competency Assessment integration to meet your unique organizational needs.

What You Will Learn

Lighten your competency assessment load while meeting required standards. You can create a successful assessment approach that meets your needs and motivates people at the same time. Competency assessment can be fun and easy!

Workshops are based on Donna Wright’s classic text, The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Health Care, third edition.  Participants will discover a new way to think about competency assessment – a way that is outcomes-focused and accountability-based.

Outcomes of this Program

  • Create a dynamic competency system that is neither cumbersome nor labor intensive.
  • Identify core competencies for each job class.
  • Identify ongoing competencies reflective of your organization’s quality improvement needs.
  • Eliminate the overlap between competency assessment and your performance review process.
  • Promote employee accountability.
  • Streamline the overlap between competency assessment and your performance review process.